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Welcome to the FAFS Online Training System!

Please DO NOT register a second account. This will cause issues with our transcript system.


NOTE: We are still in testing. Please continue to take screenshots of your 100% Score and check your transcript upon completing a course to make sure that the completion is showing appropriately.

If You've Never Completed a FAFS Online Training:
Please click the "Register" link on the left-hand side of this page.  Once you've done this, you'll be automatically logged in and can  use the Course Catalog link on the navbar at the top of this page to begin enrolling in courses.

If You've Completed a FAFS Training on the Old System:
Enter your old Username into the sign-in area on the right-hand side of this page, and use the password "changeme" in all lowercase.  Once you've logged in, use the Course Catalog link on the navbar at the top of this page to begin enrolling in courses. 


If you encounter any issues, please contact us immediately so we may address the problem as quickly as possible.  Partial credit will not be given for trainings that stall or crash, so it is important that you contact us as soon as possible after encountering any sort of errors.  IF YOU HAVE PROBLEMS, DO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT - doing so will introduce errors to the FAFS transcripts and will make determining your credit-hours more difficult.  Call FAFS at 609-520-1500 ext. 327 if you have any questions. It is HIGHLY recommended to use a desktop or laptop PC for these trainings. Our trainings are NOT supported on mobile devices. It is also highly recommended to use Google Chrome as your web browser when using these trainings to get the best learning experience.

AVISO: Seguimos probando la funcionalidad del sistema nuevo. Por favor, sigue sacando capturas de pantalla de su nota de 100% y revise su expediente académico al terminar con un curso para asegurar que la terminación aparezca correctamente.

Si usted nunca ha terminado un curso online de FAFS:
Haga clic en el enlace de “Register” (Inscribirse) en la parte izquierda de esta página. Una vez que está conectado con el servidor, usted puede esperar para el e-mail con las instrucciones o usar el enlace del Course Catalog (Catálogo de Cursos) en la barra de navegación en la parte superior de esta página para empezar a inscribirse en cursos.

Si usted ha hecho y terminado un curso online de FAFS en el sistema viejo:
Escriba su nombre de usario viejo en el área de registro en la parte derecha de esta página, y use la contraseña “changeme” todo en minúscula. Una vez que está conectado con el servidor, use el enlace del Course Catalog (Catálogo de Cursos) en la barra de navegación en la parte superior de esta página para empezar a inscribirse en cursos.

Como Empezar a Tomar un Curso Online

1) Haz clic en “register here” en la mano derecha de la pantalla (de color azul).

2) Una ventana va a abrir pidiendo tu información personal (en inglés).  Rellena los espacios para tu perfil personal.  Esto va a incluir la creación de un nombre de usario (username) y una contraseña (password).  (No se puede usar 1234 ni 5678 ni 7654321)

3) Al final de la pantalla, haz clic en “Register”, y eso te llevará a una página donde dice “Click here to continue.”

4) Haz clic en “Click here to continue.”

5) Eso te llevará a la página de MY Account.

6) En la parte superior de la pantalla, haz clic en “Course Catalog” en la barra de navegación.

7) Busca el catálogo en español y haz clic en eso.

8) Una lista de los cursos va a ser allí.  Haz clic en el curso que quieres hacer.

9) Eso te va a llevar a una nueva página donde puedes inscribirte en ese curso.  Hay que hacer clic en la imagen de la manzana que dice “enroll” (inscribirse).

10) Haz clic donde dice My Account.

11) En la página de My Account, desplazate hacia abajo y busca el curso que quieres hacer.

12) En la mano derecha, haz clic en el botón de “Go”, que es redondo y verde.

13) Eso te llevará a otra página, donde tienes que hacer clic en el botón de “Go” otra vez.

14) Eso va a lanzar el curso.

15) El curso va a abrir.  Ahora puedes hacer el curso.  


Si se encuentra con cualquier problema, por favor contáctenos inmediatamente para que podamos solucionar el problema lo antes posible. No se concederá horas parciales de capacidad para cursos que paran o cuando el sistema falla. Así que es importante que nos contacten lo antes posible después de encontrar errores.  Llame FAFS al 609-520-1500 ext. 302 para preguntas.




Don't forget to do your training!

Primary Caretaker- 21 hours/credits per a licensing cycle or 7 hours per a year

Secondary Caretaker- 15 hours/credits per a licensing cycle or 5 hours per a year   

Also, please remember that this is a different system from e-Live/webinars.

If you want to sign up for and take webinars, please go to the following page:

FAFS e-Live Page. If you have any more questions about webinars,

please contact Lisa at 


"I forgot my username and password!"

Call us at 609.520.1500 ext. 327 OR email us at If we are unavailable at this number call 609.520.1500 ext. 320 or email instead. We are available on Weekdays (Monday Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) from 9AM-5PM. 

"A course isn't showing up on my transcript!"

Please make sure you're taking screenshots or pictures of the 100% screen. If you have done so, e-mail or call us using the information above. To take a screenshot, click the window you want to take a screenshot of. For PCs, press Alt+PrtScn, you can paste the screenshot to your email. For Macs, press command+shift 4+spacebar. The screenshot will appear on your desktop which you can then attach it to your email. If you are having trouble taking the screenshot, you can also take a picture of the screen with your phone and put it in your email and send it to us.


"What does it mean by credits, where are my hours?!"

Whenever you see the term credits on this site, it means the same thing as in service hours. For example if a course is 2 credits, it is worth 2 in service hours.

"I keep getting a spinning circle in my course!"

Please update your Adobe Flash Player using this link and if you need additional assistance, use this link and follow the instructions. Try using the course in all of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (Highly recommended for best training experience) 
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Apple Safari

Legal Information

All rights reserved. No part of these Online Trainings may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission. This publication is funded in part by the New Jersey Department of Children and Families. This material is based upon work supported by the Department of Children and Families, State of New Jersey under contract. Any opinions and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this publication are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official opinion of the State of New Jersey.


The information provided in this home correspondence course is meant to provide you with information on advocacy in New Jersey. Because everyone is different, the ideas expressed may or may not be appropriate for all families. Since advocacy is a concept that is open to interpretation it is highly recommended that in addition to this training other resources and materials are consulted. The information contained on websites used for this course may not remain in existence in the future. Foster and Adoptive Family Services have made every effort to use information only from websites recognized as expert and authoritative on the subjects covered.

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